Breaking Hidden Networks

In this demonstration, I attempt to break into a hidden network. These networks won’t allow you to connect them like the usual network as you won’t be able to see

ARP Amplification

Using ARP to our advantage can greatly increase our IV generate rates. ARP amplification is a very advanced topic and this should not be attempted by new comers. In this

Bypassing Shared Key Authentication

When attacking a WEP encrypted WiFi network you can come across two different authentication methods, Open and Shared Key. In the the previous video we attacked an Open WEP network,

Cracking Clientless WEP

In this video, I demonstrate how to authenticate with a client-less WEP Open network and breaking the WEP key in a relatively short amount of time using various aircrack-ng tools

Cracking WPA PSK

In this video, I demonstrate the simplicity of cracking a PSK password using tools freely available within the aircrack-ng suite of tools I first put my Alfa AWUS036H USB WiFi