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Mar 25

TFTP Fuzzer

Author: TheXero | Category: tools

A simple TFTP Fuzzer I wrote to discover undisclosed bugs within TFTP servers and other simple UDP based protocols. The project is hosted on GitHub and can be found at...

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Jan 27

FTP Fuzzer

Author: TheXero | Category: tools

This FTP fuzzer has been used to fuzz and discover a number of previously undisclosed bugs with FTP server software and other plain-text protocols. The project is hosted on GitHub...

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Oct 26

Abusing The Stack

Author: TheXero | Category: exploit-development

Abusing the Stack is a full tutorial, detailing the process of vulnerability discovery to developing custom exploit code to take advantage of a vulnerability. Once you have successfully been through...

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Nov 14

Hacking Hidden WiFi Networks

Author: TheXero | Category: wifi

Typically a WiFi network can be configured to not broadcast its SSID. In this episode, we will be attacking a hidden WiFi network. Firstly after activating monitor mode on my...

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