Breaking Hidden Networks

In this demonstration, I attempt to break into a hidden network. These networks won’t allow you to connect them like the usual network as you won’t be able to see it as it does not broadcast its SSID.

Firstly after activating monitor mode on my Alfa AWUS036H adapter, I started airodump-ng on channel 6 and listened for any networks.

After noticing the hidden network I stopped airodump-ng and started it again on channel 6 and to save the captured data to a file called hidden.

Noticing there was an already authenticated client I started up aireplay-ng and attempted to de-authenticate the client forcing it to re-authenticate with the network revealing that the hidden SSID was in fact Cisco.

After we discovered the SSID I attempted to authenticate with the network Cisco and started the ARP Request Replay attack to increase the rate of new IV’s generated and crack the WEP key for the network.

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